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Pavla Kodymová

Linking American and Czechoslovak Social Work on the Territory of Bohemia between 1918 and 1936 through the Activities of Alice Masaryk


OBJECTIVES: Clarifying connection between the American and Czechoslovak social work in 1918–1936 as a result of direct activities of Alice Masaryk. THEORETICAL BASIS: The Higher School of Social Care opened in Prague immediately after 1918, emphasizing the casework method. Professionalization of social work followed, influenced by previous transatlantic collaboration coordinated by Alice Masaryk. Contemporary literature only deals with this interconnection, the mutual influence, and the role of A. Masaryk partially. METHODS: To achieve the objective, historical research was selected, and content analysis used. RESULTS: Through the synthesis of knowledge, steps are described immediately preceding establishment of professional social work in Bohemia, and the shape of the profession, determined by social work theory that developed within the newly rebuilt Austro-Hungarian model of social care, with elements of the American social work model. IMPLICATIONS FOR SOCIAL WORK: Social workers will comprehend professionalization of the field, in the context of key factors determining its initial form on our territory. Understanding history can help develop a sense of one’s own place in the past and future development of social care, and professional identity.


social work, case work, historical research, Alice Masaryk

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