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Kateřina Glumbíková, Soňa Vávrová

Concept of Hope and Desirable Future as a Tool of Reducing Instrumental Accountability in Individual Planning in Shelters in the Czech Republic


OBJECTIVES: The aim of the article is to analyze and describe the concept of hope and desirable future as a possible instrument for reducing instrumental responsibility in individual planning in asylum houses in the Czech Republic. THEORETICAL BASE: The post-industrial society, in which social work is performed, can be characterized by uncertainty and fragmentation that is strongly influenced by neo-liberal political ideology (Ruch, 2005). In the context of the post- -industrial society, substantive accountability to the client is replaced by instrumental accountability to the organization (see Bauman, 1987). The above mentioned is also reflected in individual planning in asylum houses, which often only takes place formally in the context of its (legitimate) necessity. METHODS: The research was realized through a qualitative research strategy using in-depth interviews with 32 clients of asylum houses in the Czech Republic. OUTCOMES: The research used the A. Clarke’s situational analysis and set up a position map related to hope / hopelessness and the future / past of homeless people. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: The concept of hope and desirable future can be considered as a possible instrument of reducing instrumental responsibility in individual planning in an asylum house that arises in the context of contemporary society; as well as a concept of recovery and focus on strengths.


individual planning, hope, desirable future, instrumental responsibility

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