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Lucia Tóthová, Tatiana Žiaková, Eva Žiaková

Life Situation of a Family with an Oncologically-afflicted Member


OBJECTIVES: The paper presents the concept theoretically describing the situation of a family with an oncologically-afflicted member. The paper seeks to identify the family’s needs, focusing on sociotherapy as a key aspect of comprehensive care for a family with oncologically-afflicted members. THEORETICAL BASE: Psychosocial care is currently considered an important component of a multidisciplinary approach for minimizing the impact of the disease (i.e. cancer) on the individual and social environment. METHODS: The concept of providing a theoretical background for the assessment of the life situation of the family is analysed in the context of oncological disease and in the process of sociotherapy. OUTCOMES: All the roles of the patient and of the individual family members, as well as the family functions are affected by the disease. Therefore, it is necessary to consider all the systems that the patient as a client of social work is part of. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: Thorough evaluation and analysis of the specific situation in which a family with an oncologically-afflicted member finds itself are presented as a good option for social workers before they offer elaborate plans of social care. Social workers should target the whole family environment and family situation when designing interventions to help with coping with cancer patients.


cancer, family environment, sociotherapy

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