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Michaela Vaško

The Role of Social Workers in Regards to Parents’ Attitudes to the Treatment of Child Enuresis


OBJECTIVES: This text contains some answers to the question: “What role do social workers play in changing parents’ approaches to the treatment of child enuresis?” THEORETICAL BASE: Enuresis is a phenomenon of a child’s inability to control the bladder at an age when control is presumed to be evident. The parents of dysfunctional families, who bring the children to the doctor, do not always understand and follow the doctor’s recommendation. METHODS: A qualitative research strategy, particularly a multiple-case study method, was used to answer the question. The methods of data collection were the analysis of documents (the documentation of minors, medical reports, reports from other co-operating institutions, and records of social surveys) and observations. There was the deliberate selection of three cases of client families with typologically different approaches to treatment, which were registered at an institution of social and legal protection of children. OUTCOMES: We have found that parents’ approaches to treatment are active or ambivalent to passive, and depend on the personality and abilities of the parents. The roles of social workers are motivational, counseling, activating, supportive and controlling. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: The conclusions can be used in the education of social workers, their practice and professional approach to clients.


enuresis, family, social worker, roles, social and legal protection, social activation service for families with children, behavioral therapy, strategic therapy, structural therapy, system approach, strengths, fieldwork

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