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Iveta Bendulová, Beáta Balogová

Solving Relationship Issues Through Sociotherapy


OBJECTIVES: The aim of this paper is to present a case study and the possibilities of using sociotherapy to solve partner problems, and to analyze the case from the point of view of the science and methods of social work. THEORETICAL BASE: In the process of sociotherapy, we chose a Cognitive-Behavioural Approach and a Task-Oriented Approach. METHODS: We applied social therapy as part of a specialized social counselling with a couple. We applied methods of anamnestic and diagnostic interviews, diagnostic observations, and contact with the couple when needed. To achieve the goals, we used the training of a constructive quarrel and special techniques of sociotherapy. OUTCOMES: Clients’ problems were primarily conflicts, dissatisfaction in social relationships, role-playing problems, social change, and behaviour. Clients have learned the technique of constructive quarrel, improved their communication skills, they manage to prevent crisis situations, and rely on resources and their strengths. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: We have succeeded in meeting the goals we have chosen in cooperation with our clients. Sociotherapy might be useful for future solving relationship problems clients of social work.


sociotherapy, social work, relationship problems, good practice

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