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Issues » 2012/3 - Current State Policy and Social Work »

Jan Kaňák

Individual Interpretation of Responsibility and Accountability by Street-Level Bureaucrats Providing their Service at Municipality and their Impact on Decision Making in Child Care


Responsibility is important term not only for social work practice but also for social work research. This notion remains rather vague and not easy to interpret it. This paper presents the basic definition of the concept of responsibility as well as a model for analyzing the collected data. In addition, description of responsibilities also focuses on how workers describe the impact of responsibility on their decision-making. Research was conducted at Kytkovice municipality. It was used qualitative research framework, specifically semi-structured interviews. As an essential practice for decision makeing proved distinction between clients. Workers called clients to distinguish between “technical” and “related”. This distinction has relationship to diferent kind of responsibility.


responsibility, accountability, decision makeing, dilemmas, child, structure of responsibility, state child care

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