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Petra Lajciakova

Social Work Students’ Moral Judgement Competence


A cross-sectional study explored the moral judgement competence of 168 Slovak students of social work. Lind's Moral Judgement Test was used to evaluate moral judgement competence depending on factors such as age, number of semesters of study, gender, and religion. Students’ moral judgement competence scores did not differ significantly according to religion, and gender. On the other hand, students’ scores of moral judgement competence did differ significantly according to age and number of semesters of study. The fact that the Slovak students’ moral judgement competence increased with age and number of semesters of study completed is an optimistic sign. Findings were discussed in comparison with those of previous studies. Recommendations for future research were discussed as well.


moral judgement competence, social work students, age, gender, religion

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