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David Urban, Alena Kajanová

Educational System of don Bosco Like the Method of Social Work with Romany Youth


In the Czech republic there are and function a lot of arrangements, which deal with gipsy youth. Submit research with the title “Educational style of Salesians as the method of work with Romany youth”, which is the outcome of the project called Motivational factors in the work of Salesians with Romany youth, was full financed by Grant agency of University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice (GA JU 21/2006/H ZSF, head researcher Mgr. Urban), was focused on activity one’s of these organizations, the activity of church institution Societas of don Bosco. In chosen Communities centres of don Bosco was made the research focused on motivational factors in work with gipsy youth.


don Bosco, Educational system of don Bosco, social work, Romany people, youth, social exclusion

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