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Issues » 2017/1 - ERIS Journal - Winter 2017 »

Jussara Maria Rosa Mendes, Bernadete de L. F. de Almeida, Rosangela Werlang

Current Research Trends in Social Work from the Demands Submitted to CNPq


This article aims to analyze current research trends in Social Work from the demands submitted in the context of the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). Therefore, it introduces a discussion concerning the unquestionable relationship among research, production of knowledge, and stricto sensu graduate programs in Social Work. This discussion is based on data collected from secondary sources derived from the previously mentioned funding agency. Data have been evaluated by representatives of the Social Work area who participate in the Advisory Committee of Psychology and Social Work at CNPq. The trends observed show the fragility within the area which arises from issues such as the current centrality of technological innovation; the investigative predominance on the Social Policies and issues regarding the area of Fundamentals of Social Work; the link of the research to several social demands historically determined by a capitalist society. We also emphasize the emergence of two new trends stimulated by CNPq, which denote relevance to Social Work: education and popularization of Science & Technology, as well as intersectionality.


research, production of knowledge, social work

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