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Adéla Recmanová, Soňa Vávrová

The Transformation of Social Work within an Information-based Society: Reflections of Social Workers on Social Activation Services for Families with Children


Many processes and factors have been impacting on the way society functions and how society structures itself since the end of the 20th century. Informatization, which also penetrates into the field of social work, is one of them. In the Czech environment, researchers do not pay sufficient attention to the process of the informatization of social work, which entails the implementation of ICT into its operations. The aim of this article is to look at the experiences and practice from other countries, to compare it with the Czech environment of social work, and to explore the possibilities implementing good examples of gained knowledge and experience. This article presents partial results of a qualitative research study using semistructured interviews with 6 social workers from SAS for families with children. The research focused on the reflections on the informatization of the Czech social work. It has shown that social workers recognise the process of informatization within their area of work as being very important and very prevalent. It most significantly affects three areas: (1) guidance to the interventions carried out by social workers, (2) forms of communication between social workers and users, (3) relationships between social workers and users. The acquired knowledge and the identified areas are in conformity with the topics dealt with in foreign literature. They can be used as an inspiration for finding the solutions.


social work, informatization, information and communication technologies, social activation services for families with children

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