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The Czech and Slovak Social Work journal has merged with the ERIS Web Journal

before 3 years

(Brno, 25. 8. 2015)

Dear subscribers and readers of our magazine,

As We are sure you are  aware we have recently changed the  format of the magazine, articles are now electronically published which enables us to respond to topical events quickly and actively participate in contemporary discussions. We are now pleased to announce further improvements will follow.

From now on, it will be issued four times a year in Czech and once in English. Based on the Joint-publishing Contract signed in June 2015 by the Association of Educators in Social Work (ASVSP) and the European Social Work Research Institute at the University of Ostrava (UO), the English issue of the magazine will be published twice a year (winter and summer) as a joint periodical of the aforementioned organisations. The Czech issue will still be published four times a year.

The proposal for the merger was filed with the SP/SP editorial board in March 2015, the reasons were of a the similar nature to the ERIS Web Journal published in English twice a year by the European Social Work Research Institute UO. In addition, both periodicals endeavoured to access the databases of specialised magazines and journals. The SP/SP editorial board recommended the proposal to the Asociace vzdělavatelů v sociální práci (Association of Educators in Social Work). On 9 April 2015, the general assembly of the Association agreed to the cooperation. The European Supervisory Board of the European Social Work Research Institute then also gave their endorsement. As a result of the contract, the imprint will be changed as well as the title page of the English issues. Organisational changes will aslo take place on the editorial boards.

For the subscribers, readers and contributors – these changes mean there will be 6 issues of the magazine a year of which the 1st and the 4th will be in English and freely accessible from 2016. The English title Special English Issue 201x will not be used anymore and will be replaced with ERIS Journal – Summer 201x and ERIS Journal – Winter 201x. The year 2015 is going to be a transition year: in February the Special English Issue 2014 (5/2014) was published and on 31 August 2015 the ERIS Journal – Summer 2015 (3/2015) was published for the first time. The next English issue will be ERIS Journal – Winter 2016, with the reference number 1/2016 and it will replace the hitherto released and planned Special English Issue 2015. All the articles submitted by their authors for the May 2015 Special English Issue 2015, will be administered by the editor's office for the issue 1/2016 ERIS Journal – Winter 2016, which is to be published towards the end of February 2016 (i.e. on the same date as the originally planned Special English Issue 2015).

We expect the merger to be beneficial to all of us in bringing forth more opportunities for international contacts in the field of social work, concentrating similar energies and uniting our efforts to enter the international databases

On behalf of the publisher

Alois Křišťan,
VR ASVSP Chairman

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