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Iva Kuzníková

The Practice of Social Work in Health Care in the Czech Republic: How to Identify Understanding the Practice of Social Work in Health Care through Research?

Medailon autora:

Dr. Iva Kuzníková is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Social Studies, University of Ostrava, focused on research in the field of social work in health care, long-term care and multidisciplinary cooperation.


The article discusses understanding the practice of social work in a health care institution providing both acute and long-term health care services in the Czech Republic. The aim of the article is to provide the results of the findings of a qualitative case study on understanding the practice of social work among the involved persons, i. e. social workers in health care. The text thus contributes to professional discussion concerning the needs for research into social work in health care in the Czech environment. The text presents the method of case study as a way of identifying the reality of practice in social work within a multidisciplinary environment with a diverse clientele. The text reveals the quality of social work practice in health care in the Czech Republic, and it also explores weaknesses, for which general recommendations are made to overcome them. The final part of the article is devoted to highlighting the essential findings and suggestions for recommendations which could influence the development in the practice of social work in health care and its research.

Klíčová slova:

social work, health care, case study, interpretation, social work practice

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