• The Czech and Slovak edition.
  • Academic articles to be submitted by 4 February 2020.
  • Practice-oriented and press articles to be submitted by 7 August 2019.

The editor of this issue is Roman Balaz from the Masaryk University, the Czech Republic.


Markéta Geregová, Markéta Čtvrtečková
Networking at Work with People Who Use Drugs
pp. 5 – 22

Igor Hendrych
Factors Helping and Preventing the Social Inclusion of People after Serving a Prison Sentence
pp. 23 – 40

Mirka Nečasová
Approaches of Social Workers to Strategic Dilemmas in Light of the Global Definition of Social Work
pp. 41 – 56

Kateřina Glumbíková, Jelena Petrucijová
Reflection on the Role of Emotions in Moral Decision-making in Social Work with Vulnerable Children and their Families
pp. 57 – 68

Miloš Votoupal
Conceptualization of Intellectual Disability in the Social Work Environment
pp. 69 – 87

Monika Punová
The Personality Dispositions and Resilience of Social Workers
pp. 88 – 107

Jana Havlíková
Sources of Knowledge Used by Social Workers in their Everyday Work with Clients
pp. 108 – 126

Zdeňka Dohnalová, Robert Trbola
The Reflection of Values from the Perspective of Social Workers
pp. 127 – 138