1/2022 – ERIS Journal – Winter 2022 – Philosophy and Ethics

The deadline for submitting full papers from potential authors is August 10th, 2021. Please submit the full version of manuscript to journal@socialniprace.cz. You can also direct your questions, concerns to the same e-mail address.

The publication date is February 28th 2022.


Philosophy and Ethics

Philosophy and ethics are at the absolute core of social work practice. 

The values which underpin the skills, methods and knowledge which we utilise in social work, around the world and within our own particular countries, is of key importance in relation to meeting the rights and needs of vulnerable people who stand in need of our social work services, as set out by the International Federation of Social Workers, and the International Association of Schools of Social work, as well as a number of national documents. 

This edition of our Journal addresses these issues from a critically based perspective, at both macro and micro levels, in how social workers and social work educators consider the use of philosophy, ethics and values in practice and in teaching, which we know requires constant review and development. 

This edition of the Czech and Slovak journal invites articles which address the variety of ways in which these can be taken into account within a critical evaluation of the application of such matters within education and learning. 

Please contact the administrator of the academic articles for further advice and access the website for information on submission of articles. For this issue we are accepting academic articles, research notes and book reviews. 

Jelena Petrucijová,
editor, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
Brian Littlechild,
editor, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom