1/2023 – ERIS Journal – Winter 2023 – Developments in Social Work Research

The deadline to submit full papers from authors is 31 July 2022. Please send the full version of the manuscript to the administrator at journal@socialniprace.cz. You can also direct your questions and comments to the same place. 

The publication date of the issue is February 28, 2023.


Developments in Social Work Research

Social work is informed by a wide range of disciplines and a broad spectrum of practice activities.  Social work research attempts to make meaning of this breadth and connect daily professional practice with theoretical frameworks.  In doing so it embraces political and social contexts, both national and international, and the philosophical conceptualisation of the profession.

In recent years social work research has attempted to give voice to service users, carers and minoritised communities through the co-production of research.  Their contribution has added depth and veracity to social work research and practice.

This edition of the ERIS journal seeks contributions which reflect the breadth and depth of social work research and its capacity to support practitioners, students and academic enquiry in addressing contemporary challenges in practice.  It aspires to capture the full range of voices now heard in social work research and to scan the horizon for those innovations which will guide the next generation of social work research.

Contributions include: 

  • Innovations in research methods (qualitative and quantitative).
  • Participatory methods.
  • Arts-Based Research.
  • The history of social work research nationally/internationally.
  • Current and potential links between research and practice.

The editors look forward to hearing from you and receiving your submissions.

Karen Mills,
editor, University of Hertfordshire, Great Britain
Sigrid A. Bathke,
editor, University of Applied Sciences Landshut, Germany