Application of Theories of Social Work at the Example of Good Practice of Salesian’s Youth Center – Home of Children and Young in České Budějovice

David Urban, Alena Kajanova


The article describes the application of theoretical background in social work practice. It highlights some of the specifics of social work with the Roma community and subsequently for example social work with Roma children and youth in the Salesian’s Youth Centre – Home of children and youth in České Budejovice, reflects the methods of the use of theoretical background in practice. On the practical examples they are described three parts of social work: working with individuals, families and groups. First we present the theoretical background and then the ways of their practical application. The article also points to the need for interconnection of two components of social work (theoretical and practical)
to ensure compliance with duality access to the client and the adequate support, and is looking
for different ways in this connection. Finally, the article reflects the specifics of the selected social work with the Roma minority, especially field social work and refers to errors that may occur as a result
of ignorance of the law theoretical basis for working with the minority.


Romany children, Romany youth, social work, Salesian’s of Don Bosco, theoretical bases