Are Roma People Guilty of the Riots in the Sluknov Region in 2011? The Reconstruction of Events from the Perspective of Social Workers and Other Participants

Radka Janebova, Hana Valova


The aim of our paper is to present the views of social workers and other socially active participants on the causes of riots in Šluknov region in 2011 in the context of critical practice of social work. Public, political and media discourse emphasized rather individual causes, emphasised on aggression and maladjustment of Roma people, on the contrary did not pay too much attention to the context of the social issues in the Šluknov region and structural reasons. We wanted to find out whether and how this discourse was shared by a social worker, or reflect other possible causes
of escalation of social situations. Subsequently we evaluate the perspective of social workers in the context of critical practice of social work. To achieve the goal, we have used qualitative research strategy using narrative analysis. Reconstruction of the possible causes of events in Šluknov region from the perspective of social workers demonstrates an alternative stories of social unrest to the media, public and political discourse.


social unrest, Sluknov region, anti-Roma demonstrations, social work, critical practice