“But Don’t Tell It Anybody…” or Dilemma between Saying Some Information and Confidentiality in Sphere of Social Legal Protection of Children

Radka Janebova


I have been working as a social worker for social service Triangl within civic association Salinger, where
we attend to a family redevelopment. The service target is an intervention in families threatened with placing of children to institutional care, but there where are good emotional relations among parents
and children retained, in a way that such placement is prevented. A part of my work is making decisions which are related to more or less important activities of social work and they can influence lives
of children, parents and all families, or other participants significantly. One of such important decisions relates to the question, whether to intervene or not to intervene in a particular situation, which in terms
of family saving can make for removal of a child from its family as a result or on the contrary
to its retaining in the family. Although it is the Department of Social Legal Protection of Children (further just DSLPC), which initiates removal of a child from its home, the department can make this removal pursuant to my information. I consider the dilemma of whether to say some information to the DSLPC
or not as one of the most important in my practice, nevertheless the decision making process regarding the dilemma remains nontransparent for me and it has brought me to my research theme specification.


family redevelopment, dilemma to intervene or not to intervene, confidentiality, duty to inform