Community Planning of Social Services in the Municipality: Evaluation of the Settings of the Community Planning Process

Katerina Glumbikova, Lenka Caletkova, Ivana Kowalikova, Marek Mikulec


OBJECTIVES: The aim of the article is to thematically describe the process of community planning of social services in the dynamics of its interaction on the example of one specific municipality and to formulate recommendations. THEORETICAL BASE: We understand community planning of social services as a method, as well as a process. METHODS: In the research, we chose a qualitative research strategy and proceeded according to a thematic analysis. OUTCOMES: The result of the research is the creation of a scheme of a dynamic interaction of elements of the community planning process of social services in the community. This includes motivation and commitment, the atmosphere in the group, participation, meaningfulness, cooperation and communication between individual work groups. There is also the setting of membership in working groups, their goals and functionality. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: Thanks to the holistic description of the process of community planning of social services, the article enables municipalities and other actors to improve both the setting of the whole process in the dynamics of the interaction of its elements and to focus on specific important elements such as participation or the style of the manager.


community planning, social services, municipality

p. 21-35

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