Evaluating the Impact of Social Housing on Children who are “Homeless”

Katerina Glumbikova, Pavel Rusnok, Marek Mikulec, Kristina Wilamova


OBJECTIVES: The aim of the article is to evaluate the impact of social housing on children in specific areas determined on the basis of a search of Czech and foreign literature. THEORETICAL BASE: The number of families and children without home or at risk of losing their housing is growing and at the same time there are not enough Czech studies dealing with the effects of social housing on homeless children. METHODS: As a part of the quantitative research strategy, a research survey was conducted with 147 households and 59 children when moving into social housing and 12 months after that. OUTCOMES: The results show the impact of social housing by verifying five research hypotheses. Within the presentation of the results, the (non) conformity of the results with foreign and Czech studies is discussed. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: The implications are mainly directed at the need for a law on social housing and the need for further research investigations dealing with the topic of evaluating the impact of social housing on children.


homeless children, impact evaluation, social housing

p. 44-56

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