Feminist Perspectives in Social Work in Relation to Gender Roles Redefinition in the Czech Society

Helena Tomešová Bartáková

Text focuses on the possibilities of applying feminist perspectives in social work practice, especially liberal and postmodern, in the Czech society, mainly with respect to the question of re-defining the gender roles. We elaborate on the development of labour division between men and women, its consequences for the work-life balance and the legitimacy of these topics in contemporary societies, especially in the Czech Republic. In the next step, the ideological foundation of the feminist social work is presented (with particular interest in liberal perspective) as well as the methods for practice. Further on, we reflect on limits and potential barriers, which can prevent social workers to apply feminist thoughts in general and Czech social workers in particular. We also reflect on critics from post-theories in feminism. In the conclusion, we express our doubts concerning the integration of feminist perspectives in social work into the Czech context mainly due to the specific cultural patterns. Nevertheless, we can at the same time speak about gradually growing room for feminist discussion and slow changes in the Czech society with respect to the gender roles re-definition.

gendered division of work, re-definition of gender roles, employment, feminist perspectives in social work, role of social worker

p. 100-111