Housing Needs of Families with Children Living in Hostels in Ostrava

Anna Krausova, Monika Ottova, Richard Palaty


The article presents results of research (SGS3/FSS/2015) carried out by the Faculty of Social Studies University of Ostrava in the period July–September 2015. Its aim was to find out reasons, that lead families with children to live in a hostels and find out what housing needs have families with children in housing area. Field research was focused on low-income families with children living in hostels within the City Ostrava. Research was aimed at finding, how want families deal their housing situation and how assess their chances and help in obtaining of housing. The situation of families with children, which live in hostels, requires solutions through the use of a comprehensive set of tools – one tool can pose development and support of social work as an instrument for mediating access to adequate housing or coordination of activities at the local level for the purpose of facilitating adequate forms of social housing.


families with children, hostels, housing, housing needs, supplement for housing, Ostrava