Perceived Needs of Clients of Asylum Houses for Women and Mothers With Children

Katerina Glumbikova, Alice Gojova


Social services for clients of asylum houses for mothers with children are not effective in many cases. Particularly for recipients of social work alternating stays in asylum houses. Long-term stay in the asylum house is perceived as one of the major obstacles of successful reintegration. This article is based on partial outcomes of the research project analyzing the process of reintegration of this target group that was based on participatory research approach, on work with the clients of asylum houses. The perceived needs of the target group are accentuated on the base of the analysis of barriers and accelerators of reintegration process, which may be an important basis for the development of innovations in the field of social work with this target group.


asylum house, reintegration, homelessness, barriers, accelerators, percieved needs, lone mothers