Social Support Services for Families with Little Children with Special Needs

Eva Pavlikova, Blanka Honzarkova


Following the creation of a Working group for early child development in Czech-Moravian Psychological Society (June 2009) we present text that discusses social, socio-medical, psychological and special pedagogical services for early age children with a developmental disabilities and their families in Czech Republic. Services like early intervention, volunteer help in parenthood or sanitation of family are multidisciplinary programmes of assistance to families with young children which are incorporated into the system of social services. The main aim of our contribution is to provide basic informations about the listed services, evaluate their availibility for potential clients and point out the importance of interdisciplinary approach in professional care for families that need some special developmental care. The largest space we give to early intervention what we are compared with similar services in 4 European countries. We wanted to contribute better coordination, cooperation, or progression of all mentioned services to the future. Multidisciplinary care of families with young children could be more effectively.


early intervention, volunteers, HoSt Home – Start, redevelopment of family, multidisciplinary approach