The Single Ideology, Singles and the Reality
of Singleness Living

Markéta Kastnerová

The phenomenon singles stems from several reasons. One of them is a trend, the other one is a negative experience in the childhood. We can difference the singles for a short time and for a long time. The main public interest concerns the long time singles, also voluntary singles, because they presents a new form of life. These long time voluntary singles are often called like persuaded singles, otherwise the real singles, because they live knowingly alone in their own household and they are satisfied with their life situation. The voluntary singles are devided to the job-orientated singles and to the free-time orientated singles. The singles often live in the big towns and they are 25–40 years old. It is easy to get accustomed to the “single” life, which is free, without responsibility and without engagements, but it this difficult to return back.

single, singleness

p. 135-143