The Use of Information and Communication Technologies by Seniors

Jakub Pikna, Denis Nagy, Silvia Moravkova, Milos Candrak

OBJECTIVES: The aim of the paper is to identify the degrees of control and use of information and communication technologies by seniors, to overcome social barriers. THEORETICAL BASE: The dynamically developing information and communication world cannot be avoided by the generation of seniors. This period of life should be of the highest quality, so it is important to overcome the obstacles that seniors face. The instruments of assistance are social policy, the education system and social care. Social work helps the integration of seniors into society and the promotion of their human rights as is stated in the National Program for Active Aging 2014 toMETHODS: The research had a quantitative design in the form of a questionnaire. There were 91 respondents. OUTCOMES: The respondents stated that they knew all the mentioned ICT, especially mobile phone and computer, which they use the most. The strongest need of the seniors in their use of ICT is their need for contact, communication and information. The results point to the fact that seniors use ICT to a much lesser extent than would be possible with the many opportunities that the current time offers them. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: The role of social workers is to be a supporter, facilitator and/or provider of the information and skills that older people want to acquire in the field of ICT, in order to overcome problems and social barriers.

aging, senior, information and communication technologies

p. 41-60

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