Theoretical Approach of Play in Psychology and

Jaroslava Raudenská, Martin Raudenský, Alena Javůrková

At searching of play elements in psychology we treated as essentials first to map of theoretical approaches to play in light of philosophical-psychological concept. Play looming here in connection with terms like culture, creativity, and personality. The aim of the work is to call attention to possibility of use of play elements towards creativity development and with emphasis to integration of personality (self-evaluation, self-opinion, self-understanding, social sensitivity and feedback in behaviour) in continuum of health and illness. Integration of personality, appreciation of “who I am”, advisability of life and creativity manifest themself in better condition of health, namely psychical and somatical. Model situation can be chronical illness, incurable illness, chronical pain. Reasonable adaptation has narrow relation to health (so-called well being, what is general feeling of somatical and psychical peace). For feeling of experienced subjective happiness is important subjective view of life, of health condition and their subjective interpretation. Adaptation then is connected eminently with fact, how will patient subjectively cope with unpleasant intervention connected with illness for example diagnostic and treatment of chronical sickness and pain.

play, creativity, personality, psychotherapy, serious sickness, handicap, chronical pain,

p. 126-134