Praktické užití teorie v sociální práci

The article describes the application of theoretical background in social work practice. It highlights some of the specifics of social work with the Roma community and subsequently for example social work with Roma children and youth in the Salesian’s Youth Centre – Home of children and youth in České Budejovice, reflects the methods of the use of theoretical background in practice.Zobrazit text

I have been working as a social worker for social service Triangl within civic association Salinger, where we attend to a family redevelopment. The service target is an intervention in families threatened with placing of children to institutional care, but there where are good emotional relations among parents and children retained, in a way that such placement is prevented.Zobrazit text

The paper deals with an analysis of the processual features of community care planning in the Czech Republic. It comes to conclusion that the participative nature of community care planning which in theory is treated as a substantial feature of the process is only partially implemented in reality. Zobrazit text