ERIS Journal – Winter 2021 – Forced Migration and Minority Groups

28.2.2021 Janet Carter Anand, Stefan Borrmann recenzovaný článek

This following collection of international articles from Russia, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, and India is based on the common theme of migration and integration and offers new perspectives, analysis and evidence for social work academics and practitioners working in the field of integration services and policy.Zobrazit text

28.2.2021 Eva Dohnalová recenzovaný článek

The aim of this article is to analyse the development of integration policy in the Czech Republic and answer the following question: How is the official integration policy of the Czech Republic towards foreign nationals and refugees formulated at the national and local level. Zobrazit text

28.2.2021 Sizikova Valeria Viktorovna, Anikeeva Olga Alexandrovna, Afanasyeva Olga Olegovna, Karpunina Anastsia Vladimirovna recenzovaný článek

The article is based on the author’s study of the adaptation of forced immigrants from South-Eastern Ukraine in modern Russia, and the level of social protection. Zobrazit text

28.2.2021 Natalie Lynette Joubert recenzovaný článek

The aim of this qualitative study was to examine the lived experience of Eritrean refugee parents in Denmark. The study addresses the journey of refugee parents from Eritrea to Denmark, where the existential threats that prompted their original migration as refugees have been replaced by challenges which among others relate to parenting. There is limited research addressing the parenting experiences of Eritrean families in Denmark. Zobrazit text

28.2.2021 Neeta Mukherji recenzovaný článek

This article focuses on the issue of migrant construction workers of India. The
construction industry is the second largest sector of unorganised and migrant labour force in India.Zobrazit text

28.2.2021 Tatyana F. Suslova, Larissa I. Starovoitova, Tatiana E. Demidova recenzovaný článek

The aim of the article is the analysis of external and internal factors that hamper the problems that children of forced migrants face in the process of socio-psychological adaptation to living conditions in the host country. This article is based on the study of refugees’ experience in Russia, which does not currently have any refugee camps, but refugees coming to Russia may have spent time in refugee camps in other countries and this could affect their experience in moving to Russia. Zobrazit text