Metody sociální práce

30.6.2021 Eva Mydlikova, Peter Patyi recenzovaný článek

The wrong decisions of social workers can fatally effect the life of a child and his family. The OBJECTIVE of the paper is to present the process of creating, testing and constructing the validation of a new rapid test of family social risk.Zobrazit text

30.6.2021 Marketa Ctvrteckova, Jakub Cerny recenzovaný článek

The article focuses on the experience of participation in the context of social work with people who use drugs. The key question of the study is: “What is the participation experience of various actors of participatory projects that employ/involve people with a history of drug use?” Zobrazit text

30.6.2021 Petr Lazar recenzovaný článek

The aim of this paper is to describe the consequences of neoliberalisation for social work and to discuss how social work could defend itself. THEORETICAL BASE: The article uses the concept of Edgar Marthinsen’s neoliberalisation.Zobrazit text

30.6.2021 Eliska Cerna, Stepan Ripka recenzovaný článek

Using the example of the evaluation of the Rapid Re-Housing project in Brno, we introduce challenges and opportunities in proving the efficiency of social work methods. Rapid Re-Housing, as the first in the Czech environment, tried to measure the efficiency of social work methods with a randomized control trial and qualitative evaluation, specifically measuring interventions of rehousing and intensive case management. Zobrazit text