Experience with Cancer as a Factor Influencing Social Work Students Attitudes toward Oncology Social Work

Lucia Tóthová, Michaela Hajdová, Eva Žiaková

OBJECTIVES: On a theoretical level, the presented text points out the necessity of the integration of the social worker directly into the multidisciplinary team of care for patients with an oncological diagnosis. Empirically, the paper focuses on examining the attitudes of social work students towards oncology social work as its possible practicioners. On the application level, its aim is to contribute to the building of oncology social work in the Slovak context. THEORETICAL BASE: The seriousness of the cancer problem requires multidimensional attention and multidisciplinary cooperation, which is absent under Slovak conditions, thus requiring more attention. METHODS: A quantitative methodology was chosen for the implementation of the research plans. A questionnaire by the author was used to identify the attitude of social work students towards oncology social work. OUTCOMES and SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: Given the current trends, it is essential to define a space for oncology social work also in Slovakia. It should respond to the specific needs of people with an oncological diagnosis.

multidisciplinary cooperation, oncology social work, attitude, experience with disease, student of social work