Licensing Terms

  1. Where the Licence Terms refer to the author and the work of authorship, this includes co-authors and co-authored works.
  2. By offering or submitting a contribution (work of authorship) to the publisher, the author declares that he/she is the author of the work, that he/she has read and accepted these licence conditions, which are publicly available on the journal’s website. The author further declares that he/she is entitled to dispose of the work in accordance with these licence conditions.
  3. The author also declares that he/she has read the publisher’s publication ethics, which are publicly available on the journal’s website, and that he/she has accepted the legal and moral obligation to comply with these ethics.
  4. The term “original form” refers to the text after the author’s modifications that have been made in connection with the peer review or editorial process.
  5. The publisher is obliged to use the work only with the authors’ names; without the authors’ attribution, the publisher is only entitled to use the work if this is customary in the particular case, e.g., in the case of advertising or promotion.
  6. The author is liable to the publisher for the fact that he/she is the sole author of the work, the work is original, and has not been used publicly by the author or any third party. Furthermore, that he/she has not granted an exclusive licence to a third party to use the work and that the use of the work does not unlawfully infringe the copyright or other rights of third parties or their legitimate interests, e.g., the right to protection of personality or the right to protection of the reputation of legal persons. The author acknowledges that if the publisher or a third party suffers damage or other harm as a result of legal defects in the work, the author is obliged to compensate for such harm.
  7. By written notification of acceptance of the work for publication, the publisher acquires a royalty-free, exclusive, unlimited in scope licence to reproduce and distribute the contribution in its original form in this journal (collective work), including the right to include the contribution in this journal and the right to link the contribution to another work or to elements of this work, in print or electronic form.
  8. The publisher also acquires such licence to make the contribution available on the website of this journal or any other website of his/her person, in such a way that anyone may access the contribution at a place and time of his/her choice, in particular by computer or similar network.
  9. The licences are fully or partially assignable to third parties and include the publisher’s right to grant full or partial sub-licences to third parties for non-commercial purposes.
  10. The publisher shall not be obliged to use the licences referred to in Articles 7, 8 of the licences.