International Overview of the Concept of Support for Informal (Family) Care

Jana Horova, Sylva Bartlova, Hana Hajduchova, Lenka Motlova, Marie Treslova, Helena Zaskodna, Iva Brabcova


OBJECTIVES: The overview study brings pivotal results of research studies concerning the support of informal (family) care over the last 5 years (2016‒2020) within the worldwide context. THEORETICAL BASE: The concept of informal care is not sufficiently described or specified in the Czech Republic. Nevertheless, the demographic trends of inhabitant development point to the importance of systemic support for informal (family) care. METHODS: On the basis of a PICO- -formulated clinical question, the key words were determined, and the sources were sought in the full text electronic databases Cinahl, Ebsco, ProQuest STM+ Hospital Colection – Medline, and in the citation databases PubMed and Scopus. OUTCOMES: There were 18 relevant research studies included in the final overview. Nine of them used qualitative research design, four used a quantitative research methods and five used mixed research. Some areas of possible support were detected: emotional, psychological, physical and educational. These offer a large space and challenge in terms of the development of communication technologies and increases in the IT literacy of the population. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: The need for the support of informal (family) care is perceived as insufficient. This concerns the field of social work, which has great supportive potential, and should be legislatively integrated into the social service system.


informal care, support, person dependent upon care, family carer

p. 20-43

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