Latin America’s Liberation Movement, Its Opicality, And of Its Possible Application in Social Work

Stanislava Ševčíková

Stanislava Ševčíková (theology graduate) is a postgraduate student in the department of Social Work at Masaryk University, Brno. In her research she focuses on the theories and methods of social work, supervision and work with people, and she also teaches these disciplines.

The author presents the theological movement of liberation in Latin America in the example of the theology of liberation of the Peruvian, G. Gutierréz. This movement is relevant for social workers mainly in that about 80% of Latin Americans are religious. An understanding of concepts of “liberation” from oppressive structures may provide the reader reflective insight into the issues of the Third World and to find a way to help with Czech experiences of poverty.

theology of liberation, Latin America, oppression, poverty, empowerment

p. 96–104