Parenting in a New Context – Eritrean Parents Living in Denmark

Natalie Lynette Joubert

Natalie Lynette Joubert is a professionally trained social worker who has completed the Nordic master’s in social work and welfare. She is currently a Welfare, Health and Management (WELMA) doctoral student at the University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio.


OBJECTIVES: The aim of this qualitative study was to examine the lived experience of Eritrean refugee parents in Denmark. The study addresses the journey of refugee parents from Eritrea to Denmark, where the existential threats that prompted their original migration as refugees have been replaced by challenges which among others relate to parenting. There is limited research addressing the parenting experiences of Eritrean families in Denmark. THEORETICAL BASE: The overall theoretical framework for the study is grounded in a phenomenological perspective and uses a narrative model to address the research question. The information contained in the narratives of lived experience aims to help understand how Eritrean parents have made meaning of their lived experiences, relating these to past, present and future perceptions. METHODS: The study uses co-creation with representatives from the Eritrean Community as central to the qualitative research methodology. OUTCOMES: The themes emerging from the study related to the loss to their children of the Eritrean religion and language. Multiple subthemes emerged in the study, adding to the mosaic of positive life-experiences for Eritrean parents settling in Denmark. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: The study will potentially inform social work practice supporting the positive integration of Eritrean families in Denmark.


parenting practices, refugees, multi-voicedness, lived experience, Eritreans, Denmark

p. 36-50

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