Participation as a Factor Influencing the Performance of Community Work in Socially Excluded Localities

Alice Gojova, Vendula Gojova, Michal Burda, Zuzana Stankova, Adela Recmanova

OBJECTIVES: The aim of the text is to identify and analyse the understanding of the objectives of community work and the factors influencing its performance from the perspective of community workers working in socially excluded localities. The focus of our attention is the influence of participation rates on the results of community work. THEORETICAL BASIS: The theoretical framework of research is based on models of social change in community work and the concept of participation in community work. METHODS: To achieve the aim of the research described, a synergy of qualitative and quantitative research was selected. OUTCOMES: The text presents the interpretations of factors and their relationships influencing the achievement of the objectives of community work by community workers operating in socially excluded localities. Finally, the proven importance of the perception of a high level of participation in the success of community work by community workers is discussed. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: The research results will serve as one of the bases for the development of a tool for the responsive evaluation of ommunity work on which the local workplace is currently working.

community work, socially excluded localities, participation



p. 46 – 69