Social Workers’ Attitudes to Differences between Foster Parents and Kinship Carers

Karolina Tovarysova, Karel Rezac

OBJECTIVES: The thesis aims to find out the attitudes of social workers in the substitute care system to the differences between foster parents and kinship carers. THEORETICAL BASE: The theoretical base is perceived from current legislative, empiric, and theoretical knowledge of the substitute care system, including detailed information about kinship in foster care. The theoretical background also consists of a definition of the terms social worker and attitude. METHODS: The research was conducted through a qualitative research strategy, using a combination of grounded theory and analytical induction. OUTCOMES: The findings point out that research respondents’ attitudes include the need to change the current substitute care system, which doesn’t reflect differences between foster parents and kinship carers. The findings also provide information about ambivalent emotional perceptions and opinions of the differences. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: The conclusions draw attention to the need to change the current system and social workers’ practice in substitute care, as well as offer potential starting points for inspiration on implementing this change.

foster care, foster parents, kinship carers, endangered children, social worker, attitudes

p. 40-58

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