The Reflection of Values from the Perspective of Social Workers

Zdeňka Dohnalová, Robert Trbola

OBJECTIVES: In this article, the authors would like to apprise readers with partial research results and answer the research question: “What values do social workers – participants of the research – perceive as essential?”
THEORETICAL BASE: In the presented research, the authors delve into the area of professional ethics – especially the ethics of social work and professional values. Based on the study of resources, they also focus on personal and organization values.
METHODS: The authors present the partial results of the qualitative part of a mixed research study focused on the values of social workers. There were 22 social workers from various areas of social work who served as informants.
OUTCOMES: Personal values were expressed by some informants through the presentation of subjectively perceived personal characteristics. In addition, the researchers have identified values relating to the personal life of the informants in their statements, values relating to their work and the associated benefits for their lives and values related to clients and colleagues.
SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: Based on the data obtained, the authors draw some recommendations for the new “Ethical Code for Social Workers”.

professional ethics, values, social work

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