Subscription plan » Heartfelt Subscription

Heartfelt subscription is a great option for those who love (S)social work.

We see the Heartfelt Subscription as a way to express and develop solidarity and belonging in these difficult times. Join us, social enterprises and collaborating publishers by purchasing the Heartfelt Subscription and share these values with us.

A year-long Heartfelt Subscription includes:

  • 4 printed issues in your mailbox,
  • access to an electronic archive of all academic and journalistic texts for the duration of your subscription,
  • a package of fair trade and organic coffee,
  • fair trade and organic chocolates from,
  • books from Portál Publishing House, Grada Publishing House, the Institute of Sociology of the CAS, v. v. i. and Cesta Publishing House,
  • notebook and pen made of recycled materials from the sheltered workshop of the social enterprise EMIT-CZ,
  • office accessories with motifs from Markéta Rokoská Tunková
  • handmade gifts directly from the magazine’s editors.

This all for an additional 599 CZK

with the subscription “For Organisations” / “Just For You” (including postage).

We are also sending the Heartfelt Subscription to Slovakia.

Its price is 25 € (including postage).

Order it by emailing

Markéta Rokoská Tunková ( took care of the design of the Heartfelt Subscription thanks to the Hero Clan platform.