Construction of the Premise of Practice Wisdom through Social Work Education after 1945 on the Example of Ostrava and Prague

Marie Spilackova

OBJECTIVES: Using the examples of the Social Workers College in Ostrava and the Secondary School of Social Law in Prague, we strive to understand how the first development phase of practice wisdom was constructed through the educational process of social work after 1945. THEORETICAL BASE: The study of social work history is considered important for strengthening the identity of social workers and anchoring the basic values and goals of the profession. The content of their education is the first developmental stage in the construction of practice wisdom, which shapes specific professional knowledge. METHODS: Methodologically, the text is supported by historical research: (1) content analysis of primary sources from Ostrava and (2) the oral histories of graduates from Prague. OUTCOMES: The result is a synthesis of knowledge on the constitution of education of social work after 1945, which presents the perception of knowledge gain as the initial phase of the construction of practice wisdom. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: This may contribute to our understanding of the history of social work and enhance our ideas on education as a prerequisite for the emergence of practice wisdom.

education in social work, practice wisdom, historical research, oral history, Czech Republic

p. 5-22

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