Cooperation with Workers from the Office of the Social and Legal Protection of Children through the Eyes of Children’s Homes Workers

Veronika Stenclova

OBJECTIVES: The aim of the text is to present the views of the directors and workers of children’s homes on their cooperation with the Office of the Social and Legal Protection of Children (OSPOD) in solving the life situations of children who are placed in institutional facilities for various reasons. THEORETICAL BASE: The topic is viewed in accordance with the definition of the activities of OSPOD social workers, who work with vulnerable children and children’s homes workers. METHODS: Information was obtained through semi-structured interviews with educators from children’s homes and through open-ended questions in a survey addressed to the directors of children’s homes. OUTCOMES: We identified the basic categories reflecting the difficulties in achieving the common goals of the social workers and employees of children’s homes. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: On the basis of reflection, it is possible to establish a theory of good practice.

children’s homes, multidisciplinarity, children at risk, social and legal protection of children, cooperation

p. 40-56

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