Problems in Fieldwork Education of Social Work Students

Katarina Levicka, Dominika Uhnakova

Objectives: The aim of the research was to identify the most frequent problems occurring within fieldwork practice and students’ supervision. THEORETICAL BASE: An important part of the training of social workers is also the practical training. For its effectiveness, it is also necessary to link it with students’ supervision. Methods: The content analysis was used in the study. Its purpose was to identify the problems that students reflected during their professional practice. Overall, we analyzed 354 records from practice. Outcomes: Among the most common problems during professional practice were uncertainty in communication with the client, establishment of the first contact with the client, keeping distance from the client. Social Work Implications: Research results show that student problems in practice are mainly related to their professional skills. In this context, we see possibilities of strengthening pre-fieldwork preparation.

fieldwork education, supervision, education

p. 88-105