Rapid Test of Social Risk of the Family

Eva Mydlikova, Peter Patyi


The wrong decisions of social workers can fatally effect the life of a child and his family. The OBJECTIVE of the paper is to present the process of creating, testing and constructing the validation of a new rapid test of family social risk. THEORETICAL BASE: The authors of the article, who have long been researching the disorders and dysfunctions of the family, used the results of the established theory of previous research and verified the validity of a newly created theoretical concept of social risk of the family. METHODS: Based on the results of qualitative data analysis, test items were compiled for quantitative analysis, which were then statistically tested on a sample of 307 families at social risk. The output of the process is the construction of seven subtests compiled in an electronic diagnostic tool, which has been subjected to validation through the multi-dimensional statistical analysis of data using factor analysis. The OUTCOMES of testing are valid and standardized for the population of socially risky families in Slovakia. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: The test is primarily intended for social workers working in the field of social protection of children and should be able to make a quick and relatively objective estimate of the social risk of the family in the current situation.


rapid test, social risk, family, social protection, children

p. 5-20

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