Resiliency Enhancement in Field Education of Social Work Students

Monika Punova

OBJECTIVES: The aim of this paper is to answer the question: “How to strengthen resilience in field education of social work students?” THEORETICAL BASE: The issue is viewed from the perspective of resilience. We speak about the importance of resilience building in those settings where interactions between subjects and their environments imply the risk of adversities or where adversities actually occur. METHODS: To answer the question, the theoretical analyse was used, specifically the results of foreign empirical studies that deal with the application of the resilience concept to the education of a social work students. OUTCOMES: The analyse shows that the use of the resilience perspective in the practical education of social work students is appropriate and necessary. The concrete aspects of strengthening resilience in the practice and supervision of students in both the foreign and the Czech context are shown. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: The current search for the identity of Czech social work and the unclear expectations of society by social workers put the educators in front of the difficult task. One way to do this is to use a resilient concept that focuses on finding new ways, new adaptation mechanisms, despite difficult conditions.

resiliency, field education, social work, student

p. 5-20