Responsibility for the Future of a Learning
Organisation Vesna as the Main Motor
of being Active in Social Sphere

Stanislava Ševčíková

In 1870 established the Ladies’s Educational Association Vesna, who initiated social education in Moravia in the 20’s of 20th century. This Association was renewed in 1990 in free society. The view on its functioning in the last 20 years offers to the reader an application of the concept of eight stages of human development of J. and E. Erikson, of the learning organisation of P. Senge, and of L. Musil concepts of social work. I deal with question: What for aspects contributed to the status quo, that the Association renewed its activity and obtained new colleagues with new ideas and how to characterize the way of the Association in the last 20 years?

Association Vesna, social work, altruism, learning organisation, eight stages of man

p. 103-113