The Issue of Family Indebtedness in the Slovak
Republic with Detailed Overview of the Regions
of Eastern and Western Slovakia

Barbora Drexlerová

In relation to the ongoing world economic crisis, the issue of increasing number of people, individuals and families suffering from social and economic problems is in the centre of attention even more than before. These problems have impact not only on financial or material side of life, but they also influence their social relations, physical or mental health. Consultation which should be provided to these families should not be limited only to legal aspects (e.g. application of the right to benefit in material need). Families suffering from such problems, mainly indebted families, often have problem with socializing and loss of hope of living a decent life in decent conditions. The submitted article therefore determines its goal of gradual information of the reader with currently quite frequent phenomenon – family indebtedness. We offer overview of some important findings from the survey which dealt with the issues of family indebtedness in Eastern and Western Slovakia.

family, income situation, social and economic problems, indebtedness, situation in Western and Eastern Slovakia

p. 127-134