Trauma-Informed Care in Social Work with Families of Seriously Ill or Injured Children

Olga Klepáčková, Martina Černá

OBJECTIVES: The text deals with the Trauma-Informed Care approach in pediatric care, focusing on its use in the context of social work with families of seriously ill or injured children and the issue of pediatric medical traumatic stress, which is a phenomenon not previously described in detail in the Czech social work field. THEORETICAL BASE: The topic is viewed from the perspective of Trauma-Informed Care and its adaptation designed specifically for pediatric care. METHODS: A method of qualitative content analysis of mainly foreign professional resources was chosen for writing this text, which is designed as a theoretical overview article. OUTCOMES: The paper offers a new perspective on the needs of families with a seriously ill or injured child with regard to the specifics of their situation. It contributes to a better awareness of the possibilities of their psycho-social support, focusing on improving the quality of life and preventing long-term negative consequences. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: This paper may benefit clinical social workers who deal with families of seriously ill or injured children or are in contact with this group when providing social services.

pediatric care, psycho-social support, social work, medical trauma