Selected Aspects of the Professionalization of Social Work from the Perspective of Social Workers and Social Work Assistants in Slovakia

Bohuslav Kuzysin, Milan Schavel

OBJECTIVES: The aim of the paper is to point out the perception of the professionalization of social work from the perspective of social workers and social work assistants. They also deal with the position of the Slovak Chamber of Social Workers and Social Work Assistants (hereinafter referred to as SKSPaASP) in the process of professionalization. THEORETICAL BASE: The issue of professionalization of social work is perceived from various aspects; when compared to the past, it is not only about the historical development of social work but also about increasing professional competence in terms of education and adherence to ethical standards. METHODS: Synthetic quantitative-qualitative research methods were chosen to determine which indicators of professionalization respondents consider most important. The research is oriented to descriptive levels. OUTCOMES: The paper presents research findings, which point to aspects influencingthe professional and social status of social workers, as well as the need for a higher degree of involvement of SKSPaASP in the process of professionalization of social work. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: Research findings can significantly influence the acceleration of the preparation of specialized accredited education and also adoption of a code of ethics for social workers. They can also significantly affect the activities of the SKSPaASP in framework of strengthening the social and professional status of social workers.

professionalization, professional status, professional association, social work, social status, education

p. 22-42

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