Supervision of Social Work Students’ Field Education – Task-centred Model

Adela Michkova

OBJECTIVES: The aim of the paper is to present task-centred supervision in the application to social work students’ field education and a pilot study of its verification. THEORETICAL BASE: The presented approach is based on task-centred supervision by J. Caspi and W. J. Reid and on the concept of educational supervision in general. METHODS: The first part of the text has a methodological-summarizing character and represents an understanding of the approach in the author’s practice. The second part presents a pilot study of the evaluation of this approach carried out in the form of a qualitative analysis of students’ target goals. OUTCOMES: The paper presents the findings of the pilot study, which will be the basis for further research of the topic. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: The text presents one of the possible models of supervision applied in the education of future social workers and the partial results of its pilot verification.

educational supervision, field education, social work, target goal

p. 78-91

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