Support for the Well-Being of Social Workers in Social Service Facilities and the Organisational Culture in Slovakia

Lenka Chlebanova, Marketa Rusnakova

OBJECTIVES: The aim of the contribution is to identify new possibilities for supporting the well-being of social workers within the organisational culture of social service providers in Slovakia. THEORETICAL BASES: We can look at the well-being of social workers on a personal as well as an organisational level where we recommend choosing a holistic approach (professional, emotional, social, physical, spiritual level of well-being). We also use this approach in the researchp art, which was carried out as part of the dissertation. METHODS: Qualitative analytical methods were used for this thematic analysis. Transcripts of interviews with social workers on the topic of organisational culture in social services facilities as well as documents defining the vision, goals, and values of the organisation were analysed. OUTCOMES: General well-being withinthe organisational culture is supported by the organisation, especially at the professional level. The social and emotional levels are supported rather informally. Organisational documents are focus mainly on professional wellbeing. SOCIAL WORK IMPLICATIONS: Social services providers can improve the support of social workers through organisational tools that can be built into the organisational culture. It is important to look at the well-being of workers in a holistic way and transform it into an organisational vision, goals, and values.

well-being, social workers, organizational culture, organizational well-being

p. 5-21

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